• The event venue and schedule are now fixed!

    Date: Saturday 6th to Sunday 14th April 2019
    Date: Sunday 5th May to Sunday 12th May 2019
    Venue: "Castle Vinovo" in Torino, ltaly

  • We made a Saburau promotional video - Please check it out.

    We made a Saburau promotional video - Please check it out.→

  • Web Site open!

    We have created the Saburau website! In the future, we will update information from time to time. We are working hard every day so that people can enjoy the site

We are pleased to announce that a project to collaborate traditional culture that remains in Japan's Heritage Hitoyoshi-Kuma area and contemporary artists has been launched. The theme of the project is “Samurai” and it will be held in Italy in Spring to Autumn of 2019.

The name of the project is "侍う-SABURAU- " with the concept of "bringing the best of Japan's traditional and modern cultures to the world". This word, saburau, is the derivation of the word "Samurai” and expresses it's original essence and meaning.

Samurai specialized in the martial arts, but their way was not only to fight and kill - what had they been seeking and what had they had been living for? And what are the modern day exponents of samurai ways thinking in their hearts today in the 21st century?

The spirituality of Bushido and living the Way of the Samurai attracts the attention of people from all over the world. We hope that people in Italy and Europe will feel the way of the samurai, through the experience of our Saburau project.

Beyond language and cultural barriers, we hope that people will be connected, countries will be connected, and their hearts will be connected. We hope that through the Saburau expo, more people will become interested in our culture and will someday visit Japan.

* The event will be held first in Italy, and then we eye the possibility to hold it across the world. Also we are hoping to give Japanese people an opportunity to learn about their own traditional and modern cultures and are thus also planning to hold the event in Japan on our return.

Hyoho Taisha-Ryu is the Japanese style of traditional swordsmanship created for the ruling Sagara clan of Hitoyoshi (present day Kumamoto Prefecture’s Nishikichō) during the Sengoku period (1467-1590) about 450 years ago. It’s founder Marume Kurando used his experience in actual warfare to create his style that uses not only oneself but also the uses the opponent and gives the Taisha-Ryu swordsman the option of allowing the opponent to live or die depending on his actions. At that time, there were two styles that were recognised as the greatest in the country, one in the East and the other in the West. Hyoho Taisha-Ryuwas seen as the greatest in the West. The tradition of the Hyoho Taisha-Ryu has continued in an unbroken line to this day to the current 15th generation soke (Headmaster). The “タイ” (tai) in the name タイ捨 (Taisha) is unusual because it is written in the Japanese katakana script rather than in a Chinese character which has a definite meaning. This means that that “Tai” can have many meanings such as “wait” or “body”, or many others; whilst 捨 (sha) has the definite meaning of “to discard” or “to throw away” or “to forget”. The swordsman who becomes adept in the style realises it’s principles and is able to move naturally without thinking when engaged in combat.